Sun, Sep 16, 2018

The Land

Duration:33 mins 28 secs

16 September 2018

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship! Whether today is your first time at West View or your thousandth, may you all encounter God’s powerful grace as we gather in worship of God.

The Elephant in the Room that we are talking about today is The Land.  On Wednesday evening at 7pm Yoliswa Mfaise, a lawyer and a Methodist specialising in the Land Question, will be our guest speaker. I encourage you to come along as we explore together a Christian response to the Land Debate currently taking place in South Africa. I will facilitate a conversation on the same topic at the 09h45am Wednesday meeting.

Talking about these elephants is taking us outside of our comfort zone, isn’t it? My prayer is that as we have these tough conversations, seeking always to understand more than to be understood, God’s Holy Spirit will be revealing truth to us.

In the service of Christ


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