Kairos Prison Ministry

The mission of Kairos Prison Ministry is to bring Christ’s love & forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families & those who work with them, and to assist in the transition of becoming a productive citizen. It affects the lives of prisoners in countless positive ways. Lives have been changed, & former inmates re-enter society as better spouses, parents & employees. Many released prisoners become volunteers, & give back to society. Some start their own ministries, pastor churches, while others run re-entry programs and become mentors.

The following Kairos weekend will be held at Kgosi Mampuru II – Pretoria Female Weekend #18 from 11-14 April 2019

We ask you the Church community to become involved in the following ways; we can’t take Jesus into the prisons without your help. “I was in Prison and You Visited me” Matthew 25:36

•    PRAYER:

The most important component! Pray for the prisoners (residents) the Chaplain, the wardens, the Prison authorities and the Kairos team.


Please visit the following link https://prayer.kairosministry.org.za/vigil.php?pvId=101 add your name to a suitable slot on the prayer vigil - we really need and rely on your prayers.


Those of us who have seen the appreciation on the faces of the prisoners realise how much your efforts are appreciated. Home baked biscuits baked with prayer, nourish & delight them spiritually as well as physical. This is an act of love (agape). We need loads of biscuits – approximately 2,000 dozen for one Kairos weekend! Please pack them in ice-cream containers and mark it clearly Kairos and or call me and I will collect it. Last biscuits will be at church Wednesday morning 10h00 on the 10 April 2019


All (18 years & above) are invited to the Closing Ceremony Sunday 14 April at 13:30 FOR 14:00 for of any of the Kairos weekends, during which the residents will share their testimonies of “God’s Special Time’. Only your ID’s (and car keys) are allowed to be taken into Prison, no handbags, etc


Should you feel led to join a team in the future (training is provided, & is essential) or need any more info contact Nellie Hunter on 082 886 1034 for more details

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