West View is Christ's church, bringing all people into a transforming relationship with God. We have coffee evenings where new members can have a conversation with our ministers on an informal level. These evenings occur once a month, usually on a Tuesday from 18h00 to 19h00. Once a term we welcome members with a supper after which we give a brief overview of what West View is all about. All the staff members of West View are present which gives you an opportunity to meet them and talk to them about an area in the life of the church you would like to become involved in. We call on all of our members to commit to the following "Holy Habits" which, amongst other disciplines, will facilitate God's life changing work in their lives and in the world:



  • Regular worship: Weekly attendance at worship is our primary way of meeting with God, of connecting as community, and of receiving God's guidance and grace
  • Daily Prayer and Scripture Reading: Time spent each day in prayer and searching scripture opens up space in our busy lives for God to work in our lives
  • Participation in small group life: We believe that life change happens best in small groups: weekly fellowship groups, courses, groups that meet to serve God together - these smaller groups become places of support, challenge and growth
  • Giving: Human beings are wired to be generous, and we find freedom in giving towards God's kingdom work. We set a tithe as the goal that we will strive for in our giving
  • Voluntary Service: We believe that every Christ-follower is gifted and called to serve God in the church or in the world. As we give of our time and talents, we honour God and make a difference.

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We offer various courses which will help you deepen your faith and equip you for ministry in the world. Click here to find out which courses will be run in the near future.

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