28 January 2018

Dear West View family

Welcome to worship! If you are a guest, be at home in our midst! As we gather, we remember that God delights in the praises of His people, not because God is an egomaniac, but because our joyful gratitude brings Him joy.
At last Sunday’s Covenant Services, God touched many people in deep places. It’s been wonderful to receive feedback from many of you about how meaningful the service was. God is faithful. His Covenant of love with us is sure.

Today we welcome into membership of West View those who have chosen us as their spiritual home. I commend the following people to your prayers & care:
Les & Maria Brand; Christopher Geylen; Gwen Gosney; Des & Pam Hazell; Erika Kieser; Ian & Carol Mackey; Ivan du Toit; Lilian & Laetitia Lombard; Melany & Gareth Hawkins; Ashleigh & Olivia Myers.

Last Thursday marked the start of Alpha. Please join me in praying for the 30 or so people who are exploring questions of faith & life together. When we sincerely and humbly ask the right questions, God shows up in the conversations around them, & in the answers that emerge from that conversation.

Grace and Peace


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