11 February 2018

Dear West View


Welcome to worship! If you are joining us for the first time today, please know that you are amongst friends and you are welcomed in this community of believers.

Today is the last Sunday of our sermon series “Reboot Your Faith” this has been an invitation to consider four important relationships in our lives, our relationship with God, our relationship with other people, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the whole of God’s creation. Today we will be closing off the series by considering our relationship with God’s creation.

This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which marks the start of the Lenten season of the Christian calendar. Lent is a season that offers us space and opportunity to look deeper into our relationship with God and to consider the meaning of the Cross of Christ. Our Lenten sermon series is titled “Making a difference” and we start this exciting series next week.


Your Servant for Christ’s Sake

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