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Alpha Course

explore the meaning of life


  • What is Alpha?

Alpha is a course focusing on and explaining who God is & helps answer the questions we all have about Him.

Alpha comprises 10 Sessions & includes a meal, a short talk & a group discussion where you have the opportunity  to share your thoughts.The topic is covered in deoth at the preparation workshop. In short, Baptism is a sacrament in which a person is incorporated into the church and in which we signify God embracing him/her as God's child in love. The water symbolises a passing from old into new as God's love washes over us.


  • Topics of discussion include….

Why did Jesus die?....Why & how do I pray?.... Why & how should I read the Bible?..... How does God guide us?.... What about the church?.... Who is the Holy Spirit?


  • Try Alpha

Alpha groups meet in churches, coffee shops & homes around the world. We will be running the course at West View in the first half of 2020.

To find out more information about the nexr Alpha Course at West View please contact James at the church office.


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