Pastoral Care

Being Salt and Light


Matthew 25:36   “I was sick and you visited me"


We provide pastoral care in the following area's...


communionHome Bound Communion

If you have someone staying with you (a parent, or relative) who is unable to attend worship services, even if they are not West View members, please contact Val at the church office with their details.

Volunteers are always needed, special training for this ministry will be given.



hospitalHospital visits

Volunteers visit members of the congregation in hospital and pray for them while they are there. Our Ministers are also notified in this way of those who may need a visit from one of them or for Holy Communion to be served.

Our teams visit 2 to 3 times per week mainly at Unitas Hospital but will also visit at other hospitals or clinics in the area.



teaFuneral Tea Ministry

Our ladies of the Funeral tea Ministry are the people behind the scenes who ensure that a funeral at the church is one of the sources of comfort for the grieving family.

Our ladies bake or make eats for the funeral and also serve on the day.



berievementBereavement Counselling

After visitors have gone and phone calls have stopped, this ministry is there to support the loved ones left behind. Volunteers phone people in their care on a monthly basis to hear how they are, to let them know that they are being prayed for.

If you are a good listener with a heart for the grieving or if you know of someone in need of this care, please contact Val.



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Click here to contact Val if you are in need any pastoral care or if you would like to get involved in this ministry


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