• Future For Us

    Growing our Future

    “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.”

    Psalm 127:1

    Future For us was launched in 2004 when an appeal was made to the congregation to pledge an amount over and above their regular tithes. The response was overwhelming and with the generous giving of faithful individuals West View Methodist Church has been able to purchase four additional properties adjacent to the original 4 properties in West View's possesion.

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  • FFU Committee

    John  Bayne (Chairperson)

    Ian France (Senior Minister)

    Sue de Jager (Co-Ordinator)

    Piet Wessels (Congregant)

    FFU Advisors

    Dave Fisher (Finance Committee Chairperson)

    Karien Coetsee (DLC Town Planners) 

    Jeff van Niekerk (Congregant)

    Ms Hillary O’Neill (Business Banker Standard Bank)

    Hugo and Judy Coetzee  (Architects)

  • Short Term Goals

    Rezone Property and Secure Financing for Consolidated Erven

    We are in the process of consolidating all the properties currently owned by West View into one property.

    Thereafter, rezoning  under a general services category certificate will take place. The current bonds will then revert to a medium term loan (MTL) and be reduced by means of FFU contributions. We still wish to acquire the additional 3 adjacent properties on the block to complete the property holding. As these properties come onto the market West View hopes to be able to make an offer on them.

    Brief to Architects

    The brief contains all the needs of West View Methodist Church and it’s ministries. There is a  phased plan for implementation on a priority versus available funds basis.

    The top 4 priorities are a playing field, more parking, improved security and 100 plus more seats in the current sanctuary. 

    Sustain Current Church income to avoid drawing from FFU funding

    An ongoing campaign will continue to increase support towards the vision by means of congregation wide prayer, participation and pledging.

    Medium Term Goals

    FFU and Giving

    This will enable the building of a new 800 seat sanctuary with the capacity to grow.

    Freed up facilities can then be converted to meet other ministries' growth needs.

  • We invite you to become a part of Future For Us in 3 ways:

    1.  PRAY!

    From the moment, 13 years ago, when we had a prayer walk around the residential block we are part of, and prayed for God to bring properties onto the market in God’s divine timing, Future For Us has been soaked in the prayers of faith-filled people. Scripture reminds us that, unless the Lord builds the house, we labour in vain. We need you to join us in praying into God’s Future for Us.

    ·  Pray for progress in the rezoning process

    ·  Pray for wisdom as we make decisions about the future

    ·  Pray for God’s financial provision to enable us to be faithful to the vision


    We need all hands on deck for the many tasks that need to be done.

    ·  If you have financial, construction, or legal skills

    ·  If you have contacts that could be of assistance to us

    ·  If you have suggestions that could be fed into the thinking around Future For Us, we’d love to hear from you

    3.  PLEDGE!

    We invite you to pledge a regular gift, over and above your tithe and offerings, towards the Future for Us project. All that we have achieved so far has been made possible by the sacrificial, regular giving of ordinary people who have made a gift to the Future For Us fund. A monthly investment, lump sum gift or even a donation of building materials towards the future of God’s work at West View will be a sound investment indeed.

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